Why doesn't Mixrosoft just bust out Gears of War HD quadrilogy already?

#1Auction SniperPosted 5/7/2014 1:56:45 AM(edited)
They could bring back all 4 games in 1080p60 with multiplayer on a single BD-Rom.

Everyone on PS4 is *beep*ing themselves over the TLOU remake, why hasn't MS jumped for a quick full-HD port.
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#2jumbrocatPosted 5/7/2014 1:58:13 AM
The XB1 might struggle to pull 1080p60fps with it unfortunately.
#3aheroafakePosted 5/7/2014 2:02:33 AM
Judgment doesn't deserve the "Gears of War" moniker.
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#4da_StoOgePosted 5/7/2014 2:32:53 AM
No pop-up textures in GoW1 would be nice.

I don't know, though. I enjoyed the series, but lost all interest in it after finishing 3. The ending just didn't do it for me and I don't think I ever replayed it.
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#5Jedi454Posted 5/7/2014 2:33:54 AM
Buy a 360 and the games kid.
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#6AwayFromHerePosted 5/7/2014 2:50:54 AM
I expect it to be announced at E3, with a release of early next year, with a beta invite to the next Gears game.
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#7da_StoOgePosted 5/7/2014 2:53:54 AM
Jedi454 posted...
Buy a 360 and the games kid.

Who's the games kid, and how much does he cost?
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#8oldhbk76Posted 5/7/2014 3:08:07 AM
I`d buy it day one, nothing compares to Gears for competative multiplayer
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#9IChangedMyNamePosted 5/7/2014 3:10:41 AM(edited)
Just to be able to play them on Xbox One would be a reason for me to get behind this idea.(and hopes of the games being on servers again)

As it is, the only reason my 360 is still plugged in is because Gears 3.

**** Judgment though.
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#10spud_almightyPosted 5/7/2014 5:23:40 AM
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