Microsoft's parity clause makes more games not release on XBone

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yes, you're right, this is teh best game in all existence, everyone bow to its side scrolliness
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Less indie games may not be such a bad thing. They're not exactly the best things ever.

It cracks me up everytime a Microsoft fan says this. I have never seen such a display of Sour Grapes in my life when it comes to this console.

We don't need Indie Games anyway.

We don't need 1080 HD anyway.

(B4 180) We don't need used games anyway.

We don't need a removable hard drive anyway.

We don't need BC anyway.

We don't need half of the things we had on the Xbox 360 anyway.

We don't need a better CPU, GPU or RAM anyway.

I would have bought a Kinect anyway.

I don't worry about Paywalls cause I buy Live anyway.

LOL. The sad part is..its true. It wouldn't be so bad if 25% of the Xbox owners were like this but its more like 75% of them will blindly support MS so long as they get Halo and Gears....Makes no sense to me. Don't people know when enough is enough from a company?