Which console will have the worst E3 2014?

#21RS_YELARAKAPosted 5/7/2014 5:56:45 PM(edited)
WiiU, only way it would become relevant is with an upgrade to power performance, drop the gamepad gimmick, and get some games outside of Mario, Zelda, DK, and 1,000 other mediocre platformers. They don't even have legit sports titles LOL. They have next to none when it comes to shooters and survivals. WiiU is for a minority of gamers these days who are content with Nintendo first party games and only a couple games worth a purchase a year. That's why it doesn't sell, only Nintendo loyalists are ignorant enough to settle for a basic system lacking so many features.
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aj4x94 posted...
Realistically, Wii U.

I picked this but that's mainly due to them focusing more on Nintendo direct. So because of that I think the other 2 will have more going on.
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Personal biases is going to make that distinction. For a sony person, sonys E3 will be better, xbox's and nintendo's will be less. For a xbox person, MS's E3 will be better, sony's and nintendo's will be less. Same with nintendo. For a fanboy, their system of choice will be "SUPERIOR!!!!!" and everyone else will be "TOTAL ****! LOL FAIL!"

In reality, they will all likely have a good E3. Talking about several things that will be of great interest of their fanbase, and hopefully some things that will attract new customers.
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Well I guess few people are doubting Sony this year...
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