Xbox One Owners, Be Loud, Be Proud. Stand Up

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One giant reassurance video.
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makes u think
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Wow. It really isn't this serious.
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that's the saddest video I've seen in a long time
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Or just have a seat and play some games.
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BeefEaster posted...
that's the saddest video I've seen in a long time

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"Now, I never liked bullies. People who talk trash about others and others choices are bullies."

"Sony fans took an absolute beating last generation. They see their console as their child. Their small, little, Japanese child."

Despite his idiotic hypocrisy this guy scares me. Not like a 7 foot Russian body building assassin would but like a Marilyn Manson lovin' emo teen.
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When you're encouraged to be proud of your console purchases and associate your identity with it's ownership, you've already lost the console war.
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