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So the "fake" GTA V comparison screen was real - Sorry for doubting!
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FEED ME! (you can't make this stuff up)
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People need to stop arguing console graphics.
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Forbes: Microsoft Is Losing Xbox One Momentum Due To 343's 'Halo: MCC Misdeeds
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Did live messed up anyone else's gamerscore? My dropped from 40K to 38K.
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SkaFrost891111/23 4:11AM
TBH some of the obscenity in the weapons of SO kinda makes me not want the game
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who is lizard squad
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chedibang19941211/23 3:34AM
Can anyone provide a link to see what the Day One background looks like?pallepaf411/23 3:32AM
Can anyone provide a link to see what the Year One Gamer Picture looks like?pallepaf311/23 3:25AM
GOD F***ING DAMMIT. GTA V Online got taken down by Lizard Squad
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That_Damn_Kid2411/23 2:50AM
What games are you hoping Santa will bring you this Christmas?
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