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Xbox Live ddos'ed by Xmas
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So Kim DotCom made a deal with Lizard Squad and stopped the attacks
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Gee thanks hackers/microsoft!
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Xbox can't sign me in
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Xbox live hacked?
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how much of a leap will 4k be over 900p?
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So... Legend of Korra's on sale... did they fix the 'lose everything death'?TLR_112/26 8:42AM
XB1 lucked out, we missed out on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3.
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Just unwrapped a new Xbox One? We're here to help!quincy2000a812/26 8:24AM
I thought Xbox Live was perfect and couldn't go down?
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Will all the sales on XBL last till next year?AttackOnTitan212/26 8:15AM