If Kinect Is Removed, What Advantages In Terms Of Hardware Does X1 Have On PS4?

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singhellotaku posted...
kinect really isn't an advantage in the first place, I can tell you though, remove kinect and drop the price to $300 and watch the sales roll in.

i would be pissed knowing i spent over twice as much with an extended warranty and a year of live and i never use kinect anymore.

early adopters always get the short of the stick. thats how it goes in the console world i guess.
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Tenzhi posted...
Every piece of hardware I've owned that was made by SONY since the Walkman in the mid 80s *except* the PSP 3000 has been afflicted by some terrible flaw or malfunction. And I've personally witnessed the breakdown of three PS3s that were not mine - two YLOD and one refurbished system that a friend was testing on my TV which burned out the audio input on said TV and dripped melted insulation onto my 360 controller. So, in much the same way that people who have experienced multiple RRODs might eschew MS hardware, I personally consider "not being made by SONY" to be an advantage.

thats some good luck. im on my 4th xbox 360 right now. mainly due to the RROD. would have been on my 5th but i found a place in town to put a new motor on the disc drive after it failed for good. before i spent a good 2 months playing the eject/close game getting it to read my discs, until it finally broke and refused to read games at all, but the other 3 times were all RROD. works fine now which is great since its long past warranty.

i just hope i dont have the same mistortune this time around, mind you my original xbox is still in working order

mind you sony aint perfect either, but i only know of one person who got the YLOD on his ps3. all of my friends who bought the 360 from the start have all had to deal with the RROD at one point or another. hopefully microsoft didnt cheap us out on the thermal paste this time around because that was quite the kick in the ass.