I hope Battletoads is for real....

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2 years ago#11
I hope it's real and doesn't suck. Man that was probably my favorite game from childhood.
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2 years ago#12
As long as they still has Zitz, Rash and Pimple as the names I'm in.
2 years ago#13
Apex-Player posted...
I agree Battletoads is awesome,
I can't comprehend how the same people who bash indies day in and day out agree its a solid title.
By todays standards, it's essentially an indie quality title.
Yet they bash indies everyday and drool for Battletoads.

I loved Battletoads,
if true my list has grown too two titles I want to try on xboxone.
Project Spark being the other (permanently removed spark time mandatory)

But the hypocrisy is really full on with this title, the same people bash Don't Starve, Mercenary Kings etc every other topic.
Which are quality indies.

I guess I should mention i'd prefer the older ones updated to a new reboot though but mostly because of level design.
I'm sure a reboot would be awesome to though, its Battletoads.

It because Battletoads have already establish a series. It is a cult favorite and was iconic during the nes era. it may have to do with nostalgia.

and i really love indies games but most of them don't really have that iconic music or characters
2 years ago#14
I think the people expecting it to be a triple A blockbuster are in for a bit of a shock. It's most likely just going to be a clone of the original with hd visuals, like the ducktales remake.
"Exactly correct TC..."
2 years ago#15
I'll take a battletoads game any way I can as long as it remains fun.
Aim for the head, that's where the pudding is
2 years ago#16
People still getting Battletrolled in 2014... and I thought my parents were gullible people..
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2 years ago#17
Everyone get ready to start calling Gamestop repeatedly...
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2 years ago#18
Unless its a side scroller it will suck.
2 years ago#19
Also watch them make it into a shooter somehow. Just watch.
2 years ago#20
cheezedadada posted...
Good news: It's real.
Bad news: Every level is a hyperbike level.


Good news: It's Real.
Bad news: Every level is that stupid hole you have to rappel down, and you're always player 2.
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