I hope Battletoads is for real....

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Kuebel33 posted...
cheezedadada posted...
Good news: It's real.
Bad news: Every level is a hyperbike level.


Good news: It's Real.
Bad news: Every level is that stupid hole you have to rappel down, and you're always player 2.

Now that I think of it, I hated almost every level in Battletoads.

Wait, why the hell do we even want a new release of this game?!?
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If they ever made one it better be 3 players simultaneously. I always hated having just 2 players wih Zitz or Pimple not getting to fight (someone always picked Rash. It must've been the sunglasses).
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relevant comic is relevant

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After playing through Ryse on a friend's console, it seems quite conceivable that they could just build a BT game out of it - swap all the graphics around, replace swordplay with bare-fisted combat, and throw in a racing level or two.
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