HELP - my cousin won't buy a new console because he refuses to upgrade his TV

#11PraiseNataliaPosted 5/8/2014 11:46:39 AM
find someone else to play with, or are YOU the one with no friends?
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reptileegg posted...
PS4 and X1 can only use HDMI and he still uses an old tube TV that cost him 10 and has a bad picture due to faulty scart socket. He refuses to pay 300 for a new TV even though he earns 600 a week cleaning chicken farm warehouses (where they house the chickens). And he has no friends, no wife with kids and only repeatedly plays Gran Turismo 1 on his PS1 that I sold to him in 1998.

I had a friend who refused to upgrade his 32" HDTV. It bothered me so much that I bought him a nice 50" HDTV on sale for $288 and brought it to his house. Of course he paid me back though.
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600 a week for cleaning chicken sheds? Someone is telling Porky Pies. I'm a senior accountant and that's probably more than I'm paid.
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