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I got a Konami Core code. Is it worth registering it besides for the DLC.Chrome7617/21 8:26PM
Had to drop some deadweight....
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rEaPeR_2k4227/21 7:32PM
Xbox One has showed me that graphics, resolution, and sales dont matter
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ChevelIe387/21 7:08PM
Gamers are to blame for the entertainment studio closingExtremelyFatGuy77/21 7:03PM
Whether you want to admit it or not, fanboys effect sales.
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SpikeTheSpaceCowboy547/21 6:50PM
Xbox One Wireless Headset revealedTinaKnowles87/21 6:40PM
Anyone seen the latest TV ad for the Xbox One?PangLa37/21 6:37PM
Xbox 360 to Xbox OneExodus_Knight97/21 6:35PM
Are there any headsets better than the Astro A50s?
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Road_Kill_666157/21 6:30PM
Looking for compatible ear-buds?nugzz57/21 6:21PM
How would you rate your Xbox One experience up til now? (Poll)Gunvalkyrie297/21 6:19PM
PS4-Xbox One FPS/Resolution Debate: Better FPS Is Preferred, 99% of People...quincy2000a97/21 6:15PM
Is XBROS an official term now?
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sanas_thiritu247/21 5:53PM
Does anyone here just not care about the negativity going on?That_Damn_Kid107/21 5:52PM
News: '' Microsoft to Shut Down Xbox Entertainment Studios "
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Jx1010667/21 5:51PM
So the Xbone...
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FlashVeron137/21 5:45PM
Do timed exclusives or timed DLC/exclusive DLC have any sway on your purchase?uniquebadger47/21 5:34PM
Did Titanfall save Xbox One like Halo did on the original Xbox?
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Second_Hokage537/21 5:18PM
Did you create any custom games/maps for Halo Forge?thegamer0047/21 5:11PM
Titanfall is Xbox One number 1 game yet again played on Xbox Livethegamer0077/21 5:07PM