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User Info: Artvandelay1984

2 years ago#1
Its pretty bad now. It would be sticky and then go away but its really sticking bad now

My question is. Is it a hassle to send it back to microsoft. Also is it worth it

Should I just buy a new one

Something I can do to fix it maybe?

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

2 years ago#2
For the first few months after the X1 launched it took a looooong time to get a controller (or anything probably) repaired by MS. It took me 32 days to get a controller back from MS around Xmas time. However, I just sent out a 2nd controller to MS to repair on 4/30 and it will be back to me on 5/13. Two weeks from the day I mail it to the day I get it back is quite reasonable imo.

It's also not really a hassel to send it out. They list out the steps pretty explicitly. FYI you have to pay to ship it to Laredo, TX. It cost me $6 to send it from NJ, just make sure you get a tracking number.
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User Info: ExempliGratia

2 years ago#3
Wet a napkin slightly with rubbing alcohol and rub and press the button.
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