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State of Decay: Year one survival edition gets a 5/10 from gamespot.
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quincy2000b434/24 7:09PM
Black Ops 3 Coming November 6th, Will have Multiplayer BetaTOhasNoRing84/24 7:08PM
Can i Use a PC head set with X1 ?Splatulated54/24 7:07PM
My Xbone calls me by my real name. How can I stop this?
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Semp1194/24 6:59PM
Phil Spencer- New IP to be shown at E3; E3 to focus more on first party games!
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CloudStrife6301494/24 6:50PM
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold up! Call of Duty: BOIII is having a BETA?!known2FAIL104/24 6:42PM
anyone elses happy wars say prelease version on the title screen???FTWWholeFnShow24/24 6:25PM
Thinking of getting a One. How exactly do Live cards work?Kia123Amini74/24 6:20PM
Happy Wars (Poll)
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ExoticCharm114/24 6:08PM
Wolfenstein The Old Blood is up for preload
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BigLongDowner214/24 6:04PM
Xbox One will have a new mystery IP at E3...let the speculation begin.
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Exodus_Prime494/24 6:01PM
So, thoughts on the controller compared to the old one?Gmoney-14/24 5:59PM
Far Cry 4 added more bullet decals.Rome21854/24 5:57PM
For the love of god PLEASE bring back Demolition for Black Ops 3!darealest4744/24 5:49PM
Where can I see purchase/download history?Semp144/24 5:44PM
What exclusive content does The Division have on Xbox One?O_Town_Rulez74/24 5:43PM
Wolfenstein: The new blood now available to preload.clownbrownies34/24 5:34PM
Skyrim was awful & easily one of the most overrated games yet I'm buying ESO
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velvet_hammer404/24 5:34PM
Happy Wars release date announced - April 24th!
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Mcnugget2256164/24 5:30PM
We need Rogue Squadron!
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Strav23374/24 5:24PM