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I hope this EA access improves topepsiboy9562047/31 3:28AM
Binge and Watch. Not receiving any credits?Artvandelay198417/31 2:58AM
Sony is saying that the EA Access subscription for the X1 is not a good value
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known2FAIL2727/31 2:53AM
One thing Microsoft should do with the Xbox One...
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Jedi454247/31 2:17AM
I don't even know what direction gaming is going
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wavvvves387/31 2:17AM
Blu ray update brings 3D!pajamo27/31 1:37AM
I suggest everyone to watch the AC:unity behind the scenes video on xbl
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squon8888117/31 1:32AM
For those skeptical about the EA vault...N3xtG3nGam3r97/31 1:31AM
EA access will be Xbox exclusive FOREVER
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leelee3105297/31 1:15AM
Do You Agree, XBROS? EA Access May Be The "Netflix" For Gaming On XBOX ONE! (Poll)
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Solnot187/31 12:50AM
In anticipation for Guardians...Anticitizen9727/31 12:22AM
If you have the chance to pick 2 games out of these 3 (Poll)
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ItchyTasty93147/31 12:10AM
Hey XBro's! Are you looking more towards EA Access or Destiny?Wyand_Voidbring47/30 11:52PM
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zerooo0337/30 11:48PM
so there is an ad in the dashboard to pre order destiny butJKMaynard17/30 11:47PM
I cannot play any ea game online anymore ?sammogard107/30 11:46PM
New gamerpics?XanderMXIX37/30 11:27PM
I just realized... The 360 Joysticks are far superior to the X1s for shooters
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known2FAIL207/30 11:16PM
Problem with unlocking achievements.
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Punished_LInk117/30 10:59PM
Anyone think we'll get ANY game today?_MrENigma_17/30 10:58PM