How do I learn how to aim good and fast on a controller?

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Ragnarokxv posted...
Sorry the controller can never be anywhere close to as precise as a keyboard and mouse control style. Using a controller for FPS is like playing tennis with baseball bats, but since both players have bats it is fair.

na, totally disagree, keyboards best for typing. i cant believe i used to played doom with kbm and i've been online with a controller now so long i'm irritated when i have to use a kbm at work. does titanfall have the pc and xbox on same servers. ps4 planetside 2, i'm not just down, i'm foaming at the mouth for the real console wars.
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You can't, analog sticks are always "Fast/Accurate, pick one" where shooters are concerned. There's a reason console FPS games have aim assist.
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Yeah make yourself younger.
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