Any chance at all for Microsoft to do well in Japan this time around?

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MachineZed posted...
How old is that article? Pontiac's haven't been made in a few years.

How is the PS4 doing in Japan? How well is Apple doing in Japan?

Apple's sales are doing better. It took them a long time reach similar sales as SoftBank and NTT DoCoMo/NEC in the smartphone market. Still, TC has a point. The Japanese heavily favor domestic products. It takes real commitment and money, like the kind that Apple has, for a foreign business to breach the wallets of the Japanese.
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aj4x94 posted...
Not a chance in Seven Hells.

History will repeat itself again.
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Same chance as Sony's. Both will hardly survive.
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Considering the Wii U in Japan has already outsold Japanese Xbox 360 sales I can't see it happening.

Especially considering the Wii U isn't exactly doing well that it's from their home turf.
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I don't agree with much of what the author said... But one thing I agree on is the feel of Japanese games. Frankly I don't ever see Western devs making games that felt as magical as the games released when I was a kid from overseas.
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Lolno, not by an order of magnitude.

In fact, it's probably best Microsoft doesn't release in Japan since Media Create will release *weekly* sale numbers.

And here are the last one :

Model Unit sales
3DSLL - 31,979
Vita - 23,030
PS4 - 11,486
PS3 - 9,252
WiiU - 8,079
3DS - 7,644
PSP - 2,321
VitaTV - 1,687
Xbox360 - 278
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Japan's gaming market is dominated by handhelds and then there's the whole racism thing.
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Titanfall did leave a favorable impression on the Japanese due to the Attack on Titan vibe as well as their love of mechs in general. But I still can't see the console doing well, especially considering mobile has mostly taken over that region.
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Nope. The 360 did worse than first Xbox and the 360 was an actually good console.