Any chance at all for Microsoft to do well in Japan this time around?

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Not really, the Xbox One will have to get over the major hurdles of it not being a domestic product and it not being a handheld. It's a really hard sell to the Japanese people especially when for all intents and purposes, the PS4 would suit any console need they have as well as have a larger amount of JRPGs in the end.
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Don't read this - it hurts your eyes.
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How old is that article? Pontiac's haven't been made in a few years.

How is the PS4 doing in Japan? How well is Apple doing in Japan?

Apple's sales are doing better. It took them a long time reach similar sales as SoftBank and NTT DoCoMo/NEC in the smartphone market. Still, TC has a point. The Japanese heavily favor domestic products. It takes real commitment and money, like the kind that Apple has, for a foreign business to breach the wallets of the Japanese.

Steve Jobs studied Zen buddhism and stuff, and copied their way of wrapping stuff, is part of the reason Apple is so successful in Japan. They say they Apple was more Japanese than Japan in some articles.