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What's the trade in value for XB1?
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A reason why MS being in 3rd place can be a good thing for Xbox gamers.
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Anyone on here use a projector?Swab1848/28 9:01AM
Do You Think Destiny Will Ever Get a Sequel?
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SampsonM208/28 8:52AM
Why do people keep pointing to VGchartz for sales data?
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How is this even possible?
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Izraeil298/28 8:47AM
real surround sound through optical?Smakkyoface38/28 8:45AM
question about the X1 CoD bundleWarzore88/28 8:42AM
Metro seems to have a workaround that actually works now.LanternOfAsh48/28 8:20AM
So I'm sitting here eating my 3rd triple cheese burger and can't preload Destiny
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known2FAIL428/28 8:13AM
What is the average size for a game save on the X1? (Closed)SPACEHAWKS68/28 7:10AM
MS's TGS 2014 lineupNoctionus68/28 7:04AM
I don't think Phil Fish is wrong about his view on gamers as a whole.
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RuinerEraser198/28 7:03AM
Stick it To The Mandrop_dead_ken58/28 7:03AM
When to expect: Xbox one kinect scanning & character creation onto games.HARDCORE110788/28 6:57AM
Can you disable cloud saves?
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GameStop won't give me back my pre order money?
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toothpiq758/28 6:27AM
Is NSF rivals worth 25shads305578/28 6:05AM
Behind the scenes: Damian Lillard - NBA Live 15 (LMAO)HARDCORE110718/28 5:50AM
BF Hardline is going to take FOREVER to install.DEMONPANDA21288/28 5:29AM