EA & Respawn still refuse to release Titanfall sale number

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Indeed the strangest part of the report is the fact that specific sales numbers for Titanfall are nowhere to be found. Ive previously commented on how weird its been that EA and Microsoft MSFT -0.22% have been completely mute on Titanfall sales while Sony celebrates far fewer copies moved for a game like Infamous: Second Son. The counter to my question at the time was that this earnings reports was right around the corner, and obviously they were just waiting to release the numbers in a more official, orderly capacity.

Not so, it seems, and now the questions only grow.

Though Titanfall didnt appear to be a sales machine after launch, certainly no one was saying it was a flop or failure. But now EAs noticeable reluctance to release any information about sales of the game on their end indicates theyre hiding what would be a disappointing figure.

Update: Respawn told Game Informer that Titanfall sales numbers are EAs to distribute. That isan unusual response.

Update 2: Official response from EA to me is that they have nothing at all to add to the call regarding Titanfall sales.

Pre-launch: E3 2013 to Launch
- overhyped and over-advertised beyond epic proportion, more like biblical proportion
- heralded as the second coming of Jesus, saviour of mankind, specifically Xbox One race
- garnered more than 300 game awards, so they say
- IGN: "You literally have to stop the game, because your heart can't take it anymore"
- Major Nelson: Have you seen Titanfall?
- You can't watch ESPN, Spike TV, NFL games without seeing Titanfall commercials

Post-launch...crickets, crickets, crickets.....all the parties involved, MS, EA, Respawn dare not mention the sale number.....so what's up?
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Oh hey, speculation from a blogger about information they don't have. Very uninteresting.
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Had access to 100mil consumers,
Last announcement was 1mil sold, safe assumption would be 2mil now.
2% attach rate for the win!
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They were expecting COD sales numbers and they failed spectacularly.
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Turbokk posted...
They were expecting COD sales numbers and they failed spectacularly.

According to you and Pachter, sure. I guess Pachter predictions hold more weight for you when they can be used to troll.
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Titanfall was hailed as fanboys as the new King of Online Shooters. It would destroy Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield with how great it would be.

It probably didn't live up to that dream.. which is why sales numbers aren't being released because they didn't beat a single one of those games in sales.
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EA is a publicly traded company. They have a fiduciary duty to report sales numbers to their stockholders, especially on big event launch games like Titanfall.

If I were a stockholder, I would compare the number of units moved to how much Microsoft paid for exclusivity vs. the number of potential unit sales lost if Titanfall was released on the 4.
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scoobydoobydont posted...
Oh hey, speculation from a blogger about information they don't have. Very uninteresting.

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Show us the numbers! Without them, how will I be able to enjoy playing video games!?