EA & Respawn still refuse to release Titanfall sale number

#11Wizzl241Posted 5/11/2014 8:59:56 AM
Well to be fair, thanks to EA we do know that Titanfall sold 1 million over the first three weeks, so...
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#12DionysusPosted 5/11/2014 9:02:18 AM
If they continue to bundle it, I'm sure that it will eventually have impressive numbers.
#13Shura_SurplicePosted 5/11/2014 9:04:33 AM
What did you expect? it is a game for noobs with no content.
#14USFPosted 5/11/2014 9:05:46 AM
Probably because it didn't do as well as they expected, I bet not even close.
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#15BPSatsuki(Topic Creator)Posted 5/11/2014 10:56:06 AM(edited)
Wizzl241 posted...
Well to be fair, thanks to EA we do know that Titanfall sold 1 million over the first three weeks, so...

and Infamous SS reached 1M mark in 9 days with much less hype or marketing......
#16Apex-PlayerPosted 5/11/2014 11:00:26 AM
Out of a total of only 7mil potential consumers, not 100mil.
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#17MuryoPosted 5/11/2014 11:00:44 AM
And those sources they quoted in the comercials....why did they posted scores and positive quotes DURING A REVIEW EMBARGO?
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#18Omega_BlackPosted 5/11/2014 11:01:38 AM
la bomba...
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GalvatronType_R posted...
EA is a publicly traded company. They have a fiduciary duty to report sales numbers to their stockholders, especially on big event launch games like Titanfall.

If I were a stockholder, I would compare the number of units moved to how much Microsoft paid for exclusivity vs. the number of potential unit sales lost if Titanfall was released on the 4.

To be fair, that is hard to do simply because it would be entirely conjecture. It's impossible to know how much hype there would have been for the game had it been multiplatform, thus it is impossible to measure the demand it would have garnered from the PS4 community. Even if t hey did a scientific poll of the PS4 community, it is still impossible to figure out exact numbers that would have bought it because the same hype (as a killer app) most likely would not have been marketed around the game.

About the only way they could do so is to measure the amount of the XB1 community that bought per capita to the PS4 community...and again, it's still flawed because the marketing strategy would have been different.
#20U_WOT_M8Posted 5/11/2014 11:30:25 AM
Eh, it's okay though. Because over 1,000,000,000 AI bots were killed in Titanfall since launch.
(Xbox One, 360 and PC numbers combined of course LOL)