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Lets be honest: Xbox one is the worst generation of consoles since before NES.
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superh5912/27 7:37AM
Xbox Speed Test A LOT worse than computer test
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morneau33hr2412/27 7:35AM
I'm amazed at how goot GTA V is
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TreGooda1112/27 7:28AM
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Why didn't Xbox Live call the police?
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Tech_Support4412/27 6:28AM
When the disc drive won't take a game-and there'sNodrog77212/27 6:17AM
That's it I'm moving to sony
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DestructiveFez14912/27 6:12AM
5 days until New Years sale! Fantasia and Dance Central 33%-50% off.Y34RX3R0112/27 6:05AM
If this is this little Lizard Squirt, why cant MS figure it out?
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SHOOTnCRASH2112/27 5:38AM
Can you charge a PS4 controller on an Xbox One USB port while its turned off?The_Big_Deek212/27 5:34AM
I'm glad XBL is down.
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boogerwooger_21612/27 5:30AM
How could Microsoft prevented XBL going down on Christmas?
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UltraPlanet2512/27 5:24AM
Please help. Anybody else have difficulty connecting controllerNodrog77312/27 5:18AM
Favorite split screen / on screen multiplayer games?
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Cows Go Hisssss1812/27 5:18AM
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