Why is Xbox considered the 'dudebro shooter/sports' console when...

#61RaukuePosted 5/12/2014 9:18:11 AM
Both consoles consist of dudebro's and casual gamers. They make up the majority of console sells I would believe. How else do you explain the 80 million consoles sold last gen and yet games struggle to reach even 1 million in sales? I dunno how that works... if everyone buying a console were more varied in their taste of games and were more hardcore I would think most games, even the big sellers like Battlefield, CoD or Assassin's Creed should be selling 40 million on just 1 console, easily at least. Not barely 10 million, tops, across both consoles, after a long enough period. Or about 20 million in the case of CoD... should be more like 80 million across both of them.

But going back to Xbox being branded as the dudebro console... it really does seem that way. While, as I said, ps3 also has the dudebro's... just Xbox has more of them. And with how MS's best exclusives have been dudebro games... a FPS like Halo, or action shooter like Gears, gritty and colorless... or a sports game like Forza but even Forza does not reach those Halo and Gears numbers I would think. MS knows FPS games sell more... and if them with their new games coming out, Sunset Overdrive... if that does NOT sell as well as they would like, it would just be more about the dudebro thing or something. Since that game is colorful, non-realistic guns, and possibly just single player or co-op at best, which as we all know, folk want their competitive multiplayer. If only Sunset Overdrive was also coming out on ps4 then we could see which console sells more versions. The amusing thing though, on these boards, those going "haha we got Sunset Overdrive" are probably hypocrites and don't even care about the game themselves but wanna flaunt it around anyway, even though they don't plan to play it.

Anyway dunno why I posted. Think nothing on these boards matter to no one. Only those who already see something the same way will agree. Nothing said on here matters... even if it is facts with proof, not saying what i said is fact or proof at all, but other examples like saying Titanfall is only Xbox One, 360 and PC... the proof is there but you will have those deny it anyway. Or that Mario is owned by Nintendo and other facts that people will stay blind to... So I dunno.
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