RUMOMR: HALO 5 OPEN WORLD?!?!?!?!? 2015 release date Halo 2 HD looking likely

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Destiny is all hype atm, we don't know how open and free the world actually is to explore. A writer from ign after spending hours playing said everything he did just felt like firefights from previous halos. Not a bad thing but as of right now destiny is all hype!

You're all hype. Destiny is God.
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Halo ODST's open world worked pretty well
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Do a Borderlands type of open world where it's a mix of the two. Love me some Halo regardless.
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TC, did you make the first topic about this leak? I was in that one and hyped to high heaven. If that is true, and reading Bonnie's statements, it sounds like it is, Halo 5 is gonna be big time.

Also, that they're revealing this now shows you that they have a good chunk of actual footage to show at E3 in my mind. We're likely gonna see the new engine and idea behind the game at E3. It also makes me think that MS has a ton of games in store for us at E3 as Sunset Overdrive and now Halo 5 were "revealed" before it.

Come on June 9th!
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