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How are you managing your backlog?
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Uproar20991412/27 4:40PM
I am feeling generous so I will give out Black flag/unity xbox one code for free
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FranciscoGamer94112/27 4:37PM
Anonymous Releases Account Information For 13,000 Xbox Live, PSN, and Other
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CyborgTwenty3812/27 4:37PM
Well a year ago I hated the Xbox One and bought a PS4Xmas_Hat1012/27 4:30PM
Trials fusion is fun game but it makes me rage a lot .LOL LOLzymmys712/27 4:18PM
Do you think 42 inch tvs are too big for shooters ?
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Brian13372212/27 4:13PM
Can you get rid of an owned Xbox movie?
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Fenz4Ever1812/27 4:11PM
Best graphics 2014velvet_hammer1012/27 3:46PM
Will world of tanks make it to XBOX 1jorhead312/27 3:40PM
So XBL is up but PSN is down still?
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Y34RX3R04212/27 3:40PM
Can I be logged in my Xbox 360 and One at the same time with same account?starman98312/27 3:38PM
Do you think MS will give us a few free days for the outrage?
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TJ_UNLIMTED1912/27 3:27PM
Can you earn achievements when Live is down?ben10pokemon79912/27 3:01PM
I love playing remastered games.
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teh Fro Man2512/27 2:52PM
Live down again? AGAIN!?
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Halflifer6661512/27 2:46PM
Just bought an Xbox One from (Promotion Question)bury_me_a_g_x2112/27 2:41PM
Disc-based Gamestju360612/27 2:35PM
What type of games will the XONE be dominated by?jorhead712/27 2:30PM
Um. Why do I have $24.10 posted to my live account?realaddmantis512/27 2:25PM
Help with wireless headphones...FranciscoGamer9412/27 2:24PM