So do I start a petition or a civil suit?

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*Runs and gets a glass*
Tears are soooooooooooo yummy!
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G1243 posted...
Come on TC, why think of only yourself?

File a class-action, so the rest of us can get a cut, and you'll have more power to win the case.

That's what I meant. Lol people is so harsh on here.
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Charocks posted...
Keep crying. Your tears replenish my strength so I may one day rise from my prison and devour your souls.

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I love the Kinect and will continue to buy games that support it. Cya all later.
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Please do not reproduce TC
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Combo626 posted...
*Runs and gets a glass*
Tears are soooooooooooo yummy!

You know.. sane people read this and go, "wtf? Ew, you weirdo... stay away from me"

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Lol problem is...there's still nothing I absolutely on the bone...also even without the Kinect the damned thing is still built around it or so.I've heard making it cumbersome to navigate.
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Good luck with that TC.