How Could I Ever Doubt Xbox/Microsoft?

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What is exactly did Xbox win last gen? It sure as **** wasn't sales, nor the quantity or quality of exclusives.
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Mods can close this so everyone can stop arguing.
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RyuuHou25 posted...
Xbox won last gen? News to me since PS3 outsold it and had far more exclusives that were highly praised, especially at the end.

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USF posted...
What is exactly did Xbox win last gen? It sure as **** wasn't sales, nor the quantity or quality of exclusives.

Marketshare. OG Xbox had very little (~24 million worldwide sales compared to ps2's ~150 million) whereas last generation they took half of Sony's marketshare.
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Console sales are for stockholders to worry about...

I see it as this...

Who had the best attachment rate? Meaning: what console had more video games sold per console... That's where all the money is... That's where you can see who so called 'won' last gen...

The Xbox 360 had a better attachment rate compared to both PS3 and Wii... That's a FACT! *look it up*

Funny part about that is that the console that was 'last' in total consoles sold, SOLD more games... Which shows the disparity and a huge margin between Xbox 360 and PS3...

Companies don't make profit (a little at the end of the generation) on consoles.. the money is in games (software), online subs and accessories... A.k.a. attachment rate
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The Xbox giveth, and the Xbox taketh away.
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why do people just continue to not see the obvious fact that if any one console ever truly dominates then we the gamers will all lose.

without competition there will be no reason to try... prices will go up big time, effort will go down big time.

insulting others trying to say your preferred choice is better actually makes you and your choice look bad. who wants to be part of a community full of people that have nothing better to do then to bash others and resort to name calling.

seriously we NEED all companies to be successful.

and TC, i believe the only way this topic is going to get locked is if you close it yourself.
but sadly the arguing will probably never stop.
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