Xbox One 720p and 30fps

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User Info: Hypereia

2 years ago#11
protools1983 posted...
Welcome to next gen!

900~p 30fps would be more accurate, but point taken.
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User Info: pblimp360

2 years ago#12
protools1983 posted...
brownmyster posted...
Another ignore +1. Man my ignore button is on fire today

My goal if for this whole board to block me. You are all blind fanboys that LOVE getting ripped off.


Well, let me add you to help further your goals my man. : )
Death isn't the exit of existence. It's the entrance into eternity. R.I.P Zora Nelson 3/6/13 Forever loved

User Info: Tyronelio1

2 years ago#13
protools1983 posted...
Tyronelio1 posted...
The trolls have really hit rock bottom, they literally have nothing intelligent to troll about anymore. (If they ever did)

"Welcome to" lol this dude is butthuuuuuurt!!!! lol

Guess you're really craving the attention eh?
Welcome to
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User Info: hotmj023

2 years ago#14
The ignore button needs to be renamed the the 'truth' button.
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