Last ditch attempt, if this fails to stop Sonys momentum the next step...

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Apex-Player posted...
Will be to spin off the division.

Guess everyones hopes are riding on this attempt.
The signs are on the wall though for sure.

If this fails to stop the gap from growing do you think they'll continue throwing money at the xbox division?

All these topics of 'Sony should be worried'
Really this is the xbox divisions last hurrah, it's make or break now.
Sony just needs to wait and see if this does anything significant.

Bet no sees this on here, everyone responding will say,
'they'll never get rid of xbox'
The same way they said,
'they'll never get rid of kinect'

But those looking at the situation properly will see,
a last attempt from a company that has now reversed their entire plan they wanted implemented this generation.

No point keeping it around if this doesn't significantly change momentum, what they have now isn't even what they wanted.
What company keeps something they never wanted to begin with, especially if unsuccessful.

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zerooo0 posted...
elchris79 posted...
zerooo0 posted...
Apex is the definition of a broken record. Or should I say more of a great example of the phrase of the broken record.

Or you should probably explain what you mean in English?

Come on man this English should be simple for a man of such high esteem such as yourself. You know the basic phrase of "sound like a broken record" that is what Apex is. I figured I made myself clear on the phrase.

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Apex-Player posted...
I expected very few to look at it accordingly, but this new plan MS is trying was Sonys all along.
MS never wanted just a game machine, losing their entire vision to copy Sonys doesn't scream 'we're committed'
It looks like a last attempt to salvage a product anyway possible.
If it doesn't work, don't be surprised by the result.

Doing what everyone has wanted means they're copying Sony? Please just shut up before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

Also, touchpad controller, motion control stick, and PSASBR come off the top of my head when I think of some "original" ideas of Sony's
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Apex, why did you remove your PSN ID from your signature? Are you worried that your trolling is going to generate some trouble for your PSN account?

BTW everyone, Apex's PSN ID is Comfort_Cat.
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Wanna get paid? Move it!
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Apex, why did you remove your PSN ID from your signature? Are you worried that your trolling is going to generate some trouble for your PSN account?

BTW everyone, Apex's PSN ID is Comfort_Cat.

Lol I don't care, was looking for an interesting quote earlier and never ended up finding one.
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XD y'all need to stop feeding this dude
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This move will have an initial boost that'll close the gap to an imperceptible extent, but on the whole, it won't be the big game changer the Microsoft faithful are purporting it to be.

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