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Want to take AC4 and ACU codes for Sunset OverdriveRorgin612/25 2:29PM
I can't access the Xbox website to redeem a code, but any other website is fineI_Am_Fire712/25 2:29PM
cant use paypal to add remaining funds?spartansbrother112/25 2:29PM
Returning PS4 to Best Buy tomorrow for an Xbox One, few questions.
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doughnutman1112/25 2:26PM
Got a question.Larollexie412/25 2:26PM
Who is responsible? (Poll)GalvatronType_R1012/25 2:25PM
Does the GrinchSquad realize they hurt gamers instead of Microsoft and Sony?
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UltraPlanet1912/25 2:20PM
Just bought a refurb Xbox one from Microsoft. Two questions.NovaFlame112412/25 2:20PM
how much of a leap will 4k be over 900p?
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reptileegg1612/25 2:18PM
Anyone else being told they don't have Live Membership?Xtremeclan112/25 2:17PM
what are me and my three friendsHidan623412/25 2:17PM
Since XBL is down, what games do you like to play offline?That_Damn_Kid812/25 2:14PM
Possible workaround for not being able to go onlineIMadepooh4U112/25 2:11PM
You can stop asking why XBL and PSN are down...
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Thomas163711412/25 2:09PM
Halo MCC Awaiting Privileges (Closed)supermegablox512/25 2:05PM
Can't even log in and MS is ruining my whole day basically.
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twa5561812/25 2:05PM
Who are Lizard Squad?Ironman06212/25 2:02PM
any good after christmas sales planned for xbox one games?NightMareBunny212/25 2:01PM
Anybody hear about Finest Squad?AttackOnTitan812/25 1:52PM
Something odd about the XBL outage.
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autoalchemist621312/25 1:52PM