Forbes: "Consumers are stiflying innovation"

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I don't think we are necessarily afraid of new things. There is "irrational" fear of new things but also the very similar "irrational" attraction to things that are just new and different but not really useful or of lasting value.
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Oh, and if consumers don't like new things then why the hell did the Wii sell a bazillion units?
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Microsoft themselves are the cause of the lack of innovation.

1. They force the Kinect in every Xbox One
2. They have no games at launch that show case the Kinect
3. They have no games even now that really showcase the new Kinect
(Kinect Sports Rivals is marginally better than 360 Kinect games)
4. There are no games that have been announced that use Kinect in any different way

If Microsoft wanted people to see the value in Kinect, they would have mandated that every Xbox One game have Kinect functionality at release like they do with achievements. This would have at least driven developers to come up with either tacked on Kinect features or possibly new and innovative features.

Consumers have been waiting since the Kinect was released in 2010 for the supposed innovation from the Kinect.
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Kinnect MrImpatient35 posted...
We’re afraid of new things. We just want our sequels (CoD anyone) and our comfortable, familiar, controller-driven experiences.

Dude we just want to play games, not gimmicks. After a long day, i just wanna kick back, relax and play games, not stand up and punch the air and pretend workout.
I like kinnect as a pc device for motion capturing, but i don't want to use it as a game device. I also have no idea why i can't use my headset to tell my xbox to record, and do certain things instead of shouting at kinnect from across the room.
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MrImpatient35 posted...
Ellesarien posted...
Couldn't agree more. This is a negative for both the gaming industry and technology. Gamers are clueless.

*sigh* I might just quit gaming. Now it's just the same s***. Nothing new. Just "controller based games". At least VR is new, but consumers don't like change, so I doubt that will take off.

You enjoy waving your arms with the kinect then? You see it as good direction of innovation?
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This was just a case of business decision driven by investors and greed. When Nintendo stuck an analog stick on the N64 they created Mario 64, when they added rumble they bundled it with Star Fox and when they introduced motion controls they paired them with Wii Sports. Now, even despite the constant backlash for the Wii U gamepad, Nintendo is still holding strong. If Microsoft truly believe that the Kinect was an innovation and integral to the Xbox One, why did they concede only 6 months into the console's life cycle?
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da_StoOge posted...
Oh, and if consumers don't like new things then why the hell did the Wii sell a bazillion units?

Cause even now, the motion Wii games outclass the motion Kinect games. Why? Because every developer of Wii games almost has no choice since the Motion controller is the only option for game control.

Not to mention the response times of the original Wii controller is still significantly better than the Xbox One Kinect.
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Kinect has been around since 2010. If some use, so groundbreaking and exciting, were out there, wouldn't we have wind of it by now?

Voice commands aren't revolutionary and they don't warrant a $100 peripheral bundled with every unit. There are already other options on the market too; Amazon Fire TV for example.

Kinect is cool tech but it should have been optional from the get-go.
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I'm prolly gonna butcher the saying, but it's something like...people are afraid of what they don't understand. Roughly applies to this. I definitely didn't think Kinect would REVOLUTIONIZE gaming within 6 months. I initially thought it would take off in 1-2 years after release. I guess I'll never see if that does or doesn't happen now.
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