Didn't Xbox already give away 8% of the 10% power allocated to kinect?

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Porunga, if you look at the links, especially the last one, this seems to be describing what is happening right now. The links are saying that 8% of the GPU is used by Kinect processing for image, and that a patch could give this back to the developers. If this already had happened, we would have seen games disabling Kinect while they are running which has not happened yet.

But now with Kinect being optional, this is a likely possibility. Especially with Phil Spencer recently saying he wanted to look into this.

So no, I don't believe the allocation for Kinect has been given away yet. It is still taking 10% of the reserve.

Yes, but if you look at the way the 10% was allocated, it is 8% for kinect video and 2% for kinect voice commands. The 8% was supposed to have been released from the lock if they were unneeded, leaving 2% locked for kinect voice commands whether you use kinect or not. Currently there is only a small handful of games that actually use kinect video, which would use whatever resources necessary for that to happen. Most games and features that use kinect are only kinect audio/voice commands.. which is the remaining 2% of the locked resources. Now, they are talking about releasing the remaining 2% for system use if you do not have the kinect connected. If you do, it would continue to use those resources for kinect functions.