Price drop+ Halo 5+ Master Chief Collection= Did Microsoft already win E3?

#1That_Damn_KidPosted 5/16/2014 3:21:46 PM
I'm not a kid, I just act like one
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U mirin brah?
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#53HPPosted 5/16/2014 3:24:58 PM
Only if you are admitting you bought a $500 Halo box.
#6VoidBeyondPosted 5/16/2014 3:26:30 PM(edited)
For me, yes.

Though Sony could come out swinging with TLoU 2 and Uncharted 4, maybe they secretly got Crash back... I can believe.
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#7L96A1BOSSPosted 5/16/2014 3:25:49 PM
They pretty much blow what ever hope they had for E3 with all these leak notice how Sony still selling heavy and have no leaks all over the place?
#8MistahApplezPosted 5/16/2014 3:28:19 PM
Enough with the fanboyism
#9Garage_ManPosted 5/16/2014 3:29:03 PM
I wanna know what Sony has. They are STUPID QUIET. They have released no decent updates to anything. They have just been quiet....

Can't wait for e3, going to be exciting this year.
#10MJFJDPosted 5/16/2014 3:29:35 PM
Do not leave out Sunset Overdrive. #shouldadrankovercharge