Price drop+ Halo 5+ Master Chief Collection= Did Microsoft already win E3?

#31regsantotomasPosted 5/16/2014 4:33:11 PM
It's cliché but gamers always win E3. There are so many games for all these platforms that the only people that lose are those who choose to handcuff their own choices.
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Hell no. A kinect-less X1 was nice surprise since MS swore up and down that the X1 needed the Kinect but you're still gonna need more than just a HD collection to win E3, same goes for Sony.

Want to win E3? Show me something new, something groundbreaking, something exclusive to your console. I don't care if a multi-plat game debuts at your conference, you get no points for that. Show me something I can only get with you.
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How does one "win" E3, precisely?
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MJFJD posted...
Do not leave out Sunset Overdrive. #shouldadrankovercharge

Or rumored dragons dogma 2
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As far as I'm concerned, yes. I still need more games though.
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That_Damn_Kid posted...

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Charocks posted...
Hey everyone! M$ reannounced one game and decided to port four more! That obviously beats whatever Sony may have in store!

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XO desperately needs more games.
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sadly this is the only thing microsoft relys on to sell consoles
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