dragon dogma 2 (heavily rumored) to be X1 exclusive and will be at MS e3 event

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2 years ago#81
Don't give a damn if it's exclusive, but my brother will be PUMPED for this!
2 years ago#82
Microsoft should do it
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2 years ago#83
Gotta laugh at all the people saying "not gonna happen" "would be on ps4 as well".

Look what happened to Bayonetta. I'm not saying I believe this but itf the game was in limbo and struggling to come to light, someone swooping in and buying it COULD happen, it would be a very smart move with a game like this.
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2 years ago#84
DO NOT mess with my emotions like this. Dragons Dogma is a weak spot for me...
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2 years ago#85
Ye if this happened I would be anoyed, but I dont see it happening. Was one of my fav games last gen.

Then again it is capcom... I cant say they are at all logical.
2 years ago#86
After over 900 obsessive hours of Dragon's Dogma, and then Dark Arisen on PS3, this announcement is and has long been my most anticipated. This E3 seems a little early, next years is more likely.

I'm an owner of a PS4 and currently only a PS4(plan on eventually getting a PC), and I've owned each PlayStation before. I owned an X360 but quickly traded it for a PS3 as I have just never liked the Xbox brand(and I really have a strong distrust for Microsoft and the X1). However, if it does happen, and it is an Xbox One exclusive, I will buy the console without a doubt. The first game was my favorite in the last console generation, and is quite possibly my favorite RPG of all time. On top of that it'll give me the chance to try some Xbox exclusives that I never would.

But I really hope it does get released for PS4.
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2 years ago#87
bossk5 posted...
Not a chance it will happen.

2 years ago#88
Don't think Microsoft cares too much for a niche game, it only sold a million on both platforms
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2 years ago#89
The only way this happens is if MS decides they want to try to buy their way into the Japanese market again. At least this time they'd be backing a tried and true IP as opposed to a new one like with the 360 (to be fair Blue Dragon was from a solid RPG developer/design team).

Either that or they simply want to steal a few PS4 fence sitters just because they can. Impossible to justify profit wise but then again MS has been known to try and b-slap competitors just because they can.

Anyway, 5% chance in my opinion.
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2 years ago#90
If its true, I guess im not getting to play bayonetta 2 & dragon dogma 2.
and FFXIII is garbage.
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