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Possible localization for Psycho-Pass incoming.
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Dersu_Uzala123/2 6:11PM
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Sleeping Dogs is on sale at Best Buy for $25.Resident Weevil43/2 5:49PM
Looking back- old article: "Next Xbox can render Avatar graphics"
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X360 owners can build their X1 collection with GwGMrImpatient3573/2 5:39PM
I cant freaking get my NAT Open! Any help?
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Jigglybuff323/2 4:52PM
How many Gear of Wars games do you guys think we will see for XBOX ONE this gen? (Poll)
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Solnot203/2 4:46PM
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee coming out any day now...Nodrog7753/2 4:44PM
Why are games terrible at not having the ability to recustomize your character?levyjl198843/2 4:12PM
Would you guys pay $600 for XBOX ONE if it also played XBOX and XBOX 360 games? (Poll)
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Solnot223/2 4:00PM
IGN app will be available tomorrow on the Xbox One.Pizzatarian103/2 3:57PM
Need more people on friends listMegabest3973/2 3:56PM
You know a remaster I want to see...
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PraiseNatalia193/2 3:56PM
The next game to get the Zombies treatment?Charity_Diary93/2 3:56PM
is halo nightfall free?it4solution13/2 3:42PM
Update time WTFChanzeer43/2 3:33PM