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2 years ago#1
Just reporting a well written article is all. I got one for the other boards as well.

"The Xbox Oneís launch has been plagued with mistakes and missteps since before the console was even available to pre-order. A launch window procession of third party titles that donít quite run at the same resolution as their PlayStation 4 versions and a definite feeling that theyíre playing catch up with smaller and independent developers all combine to make this E3 pretty crucial for the big green monster.

Thatís not to say they havenít got some successes to build on. A close relationship with EA and one or two quite exciting prospects on the horizon could lead to the much needed injection of exclusive gaming content to match their undoubtedly popular media and TV services. In short, Microsoft havenít made the most assured of starts, but thereís still plenty they could do to turn that proverbial corner.

If theyíre going to propel the Xbox One to the same lofty success that their previous console has enjoyed, they need to start right now. Hereís how I think they could do that at E3 2014."

Read on for more (it really is a good read): http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2014/05/13/what-should-microsoft-do-at-e3-2014/
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2 years ago#2
Based on the excerpt that you posted, I'm actually pleasantly surprised; most content I've read from that source tends to veer towards relentless propaganda, but this seems quite balanced.

Kudos to them.
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