Is Kinect dead?

#11kennyynnooPosted 5/17/2014 5:07:54 AM
It's nice for skyping with family, serves its purpose for me, unplugged otherwise. My kids can talk to grandparents on the 51" tv rather then the laptop and it's a better picture then the laptop.
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#12bartz90Posted 5/17/2014 5:14:26 AM
As a gaming device it was doomed from the beginning. Kinect as a device has a lot of potential, but in its current form not in gaming. It's too sloppy and unreliable. I recall reading about potential medical applications a long while back.
#13lunchbox2042Posted 5/17/2014 5:30:41 AM
Kinect was dead before it was released.
#14kyncaniPosted 5/17/2014 5:59:51 AM
Let's take a moment to celebrate the death of Kinect :)
#15TMOGPosted 5/17/2014 6:03:07 AM
Kinect died on the 360, Microsoft was just in psychotic denial of the fact in a very Norman Bates way