What do you want Microsoft to reveal at E3?

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1 year ago#11
For MS basically everything that was leaked along with a viva pinata 3 and other things I can't think of at the moment
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1 year ago#12
caesarjulius posted...
Microsoft needs to confess that they are using the spy box one to spy on us.

Just put your tin foil hat back on and you will be fine.
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1 year ago#13
This is prolly just wishful thinking on my part, but announcing either another Shenmue, MechAssault, or Burnout game would blow my mind! I'll take either one of those.
1 year ago#14
Forza Horizon sequel. Thinking about how good Horizon was on 360 and the possibilities they now have with the X1.

Resident Evil 7 with less shooty shooty and more scary scary.

Either an Last Story or Lost Odyssey spiritual successor from MistWalker.
1 year ago#15
The public execution of everyone involved with designing, building, and approving the Xbone.

Adam Orth and the Phils being thrown into a volcano.
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1 year ago#16
State of Decay sequel with multiplayer!
1 year ago#17
xbox exclusive jrpg, probably at tgs though.
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1 year ago#18
i want some star wars games revealed
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1 year ago#20
Better and quicker dashboard/OS, quicker install times, choose to play the game while updating, longer and better DVR capabilities, Kinect games, Halo 1-4 Remastered (Maybe with REACH), ability to add external storage for games.I am suprised no one has thought about the OS.......
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