What do you want Microsoft to reveal at E3?

#21TheGam3925Posted 5/17/2014 8:30:41 PM
More first person shooters. There aren't enough of those.
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#22s8dsm73rx432dgzPosted 5/17/2014 8:35:47 PM
TheGam3925 posted...
More first person shooters. There aren't enough of those.

And Space Marines.
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#23DarthUchiha91Posted 5/17/2014 8:37:47 PM
Hucast9 posted...
i want some star wars games revealed

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#24googlerPosted 5/17/2014 8:59:53 PM
I want them to reveal that they made up the story that the hardware was so gimped and that they intentionally told developers to make the games run worse to corroborate the lie
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#25greekgamerPosted 5/17/2014 9:03:05 PM(edited)
Well off hand rumers of battletoads and there wad a tech demo of the new unreal engine, pretty much a benchmark, there making that a game looks amazing. It srarts with a s i think..And some more there wad a post of rumors of games coming up.hope for mechasalt, oddworld and gradas 5 remake or 6.
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#26aj4x94Posted 5/17/2014 9:27:20 PM
I want an HD version of Metal Wolf Chaos exclusive to the Xbox One, since we never got it in the States. Or Europe.
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#27kyncaniPosted 5/17/2014 11:06:39 PM(edited)
Some video games coming with the subscription to a video game console. Good ones.

Possibly a price drop. $300~$350.
#28Homie_202Posted 5/17/2014 11:18:03 PM
New IPs. I am sick of them making the same crap over and over. They really need some new franchises that are good.
#29GladiatorDangerPosted 5/17/2014 11:26:50 PM
What I want to see mostly from the Microsoft E3 conference is some good multiplatform titles, games I can look forward to while knowing I will not need to buy an Xbox One to play them.

That said while I am not sure of the validity of Dragon's Dogma 2 rumors it would be nice to see a sequel.
#30bigjikePosted 5/17/2014 11:54:51 PM
It will be crazy if Microsoft show panzer dragoon Saga 2 ... My mind will blow up
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