What do you want Microsoft to reveal at E3?

#31TRC-G00SEPosted 5/18/2014 8:08:02 AM(edited)
Halo 1-4 pack confirmed
Gears of war info
Would love to see a full set of the splinter cell games ( my favorite series ever)remastered for the xb1.
Mass effect
Project gotham racing. I played PGR3 and 4 competitively, making the national finals in the world cyber games in 2007 and 2008. Good times.
#32AzaneAzerPosted 5/18/2014 8:08:23 AM
"We've decided to stop splitting our attention on a market that we're clearing losing money in, so we've decided to offer the Xbox brand to the market, we're going to focus on developing and improving our Windows operating system"
#33DemonedgePosted 5/18/2014 9:01:12 AM
A few exclusive new IP's is all I want.
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#34SuperSuikodenPosted 5/18/2014 9:02:13 AM
Lost Odyssey 2
The Last Remnant 2
Blue Dragon 2
Infinite Undiscovery 2
Alan Wake 2
#35chedibang1994Posted 5/18/2014 9:30:20 AM
I going to be honest I really don't want any new ip's the established is enough for me
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#36gobuffalo30Posted 5/18/2014 9:55:00 AM
pblimp360 posted...
gobuffalo30 posted...
More FPS and Halo?

To the ignore list for this troll. : )

I hope the smiley face means you're joking. Otherwise, I'd say maybe too sensitive to a joke.
#37CrysianiaPosted 5/18/2014 10:09:42 AM
pblimp360 posted...
gobuffalo30 posted...
More FPS and Halo?

To the ignore list for this troll. : )

The funny thing is hes prob thinking what the majority of xbox one owners want, though prob not the forum using ones= p
#38kmrich41Posted 5/18/2014 1:00:24 PM
It won't happen but a next-gen Chomehounds.

The level of customization and teamwork required in that game was unparalleled.
#39a687947Posted 5/18/2014 1:23:28 PM
Demigod_Elessar posted...
Halo 2 Anniversary. Seriously. It's the only thing that hasn't been officially confirmed yet that I desperately want.

Other than that, Fallout 4 (even though it's not solely Microsoft), and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS.

if bethesda continues to go by what they've said in the past, there is no chance of fallout 4. They've always said they don't announce games at E3
#40SADMZPosted 5/18/2014 4:35:40 PM
Drake of the 99 Dragons HD Remaster.