phil's spencer Twitter we had to announce a few things before you E3

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"I know we’ll never please everyone. Having some new partners on stage, some old friends and knowing XBOX gamers are watching is fun"

Perhaps some more collaborations similar to what we saw w/ Insomniac? That awesome Japan developer?
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To be honest i'm a bit worried MS is blowing their whole load rather early. I'm not saying they won't have worthwhile things at E3, I expect it to be great. What I'm worrying about is they're lining up all this awsome looking stuff for the Xbone's first E3, but then won't have nearly as much cool stuff in the next year or two.

If the event fails to excite enough people to buy an Xbone, and sales remain lower than expected, then the Xbone getting the axe may get a lot more likely. This entire thing with early announcements and trying to build hype with "We have a lot more coming" actually sounds like a last-ditch effort.

Just my own personal opinion of course, but I can't remember the last time one of the Big Three went this far out on a limb for their new console this early in the lifespan.
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That_Damn_Kid posted...

Time for Phil to back that xbox ass up!
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Great time to own a xbox

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