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1 year ago#31
They are not equal.

Sony gives out a game the day it hits the store, no one has a chance to buy it early before getting it with plus.

MS is giving out 2 games that have been on the store for 3 months by the time GwG launches.
Most people already bought one or both.

Selling them a few months early is kind of B/S, handing out your fans games they already bought is just lol.
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1 year ago#32
I thought Xbox owners didn't care about indies. Isn't that what they said about the free PS+ games that PS4 has gotten since launch?
1 year ago#33
InjusticeReborn posted...
TheSL1Club posted...
Horridhal posted...
That's all you got now lol? Hard to rebut when facts are against you right?

No. You just aren't worth the argument.

Think whatever you like though, I'm sure you'll have another post about how you 'beat me.'

Have a ball with it.

No but you can start arguing why they are equal thou instead of dancing around the argument, I'll wait, let's start with giving an equivalent of a free vita game shall we? How are two services equal when they are not offering equal values? Well?

Careful now. He'll start editing your posts through quotes to make it seem like he 'won' the discussion...

It is cute when you guys come to each other's defense.
I'm not the nicest person you'll meet.
Have a real point please.
1 year ago#34
Games with gold on 360 is horrible they give out old games I can litterly get those games for a $1 at gamestop.
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