Watch_Dogs Xbone screens

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You guys forget we buy games for fun more then graphics, it's not ugly by any means.
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here's a video of the ps4 version

looks pretty good to me

Yep, looks just as good as this vid of the Xbox One version

Can't wait till it comes out to try it myself.

While I find the night scenes to be very similar to one's a difference between night & day between the day scenes...this is where a lot of the criticism is coming in. In that link, you are missing about 7 minutes worth of gameplay that was on the website.
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Golden Maven posted...
That's the 360 version people. TC is just trying to kill time (he has an epic amount to kill).

Nope, it's the Xbone version:

Enjoy our gameplay world exclusive preview of Watch Dogs on the Xbox One at the top of this post.
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dnmt back in the house spreading his hate for his beloved xbone! Buckle your seatbelts folks!
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From the games official twitter, retweeted by ubisoft.

"Hackers have attempted to infiltrate our system and post false reviews of Watch Dogs. All valid reviews will emerge at release on May 27_"
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mycousinvinnie posted...
looks like PC wins again

b-but no one cares about PC.
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OMGWYATT posted...
They aren't THAT bad, but they do kinda look like GTA 4.

I think that looking like a last gen game from 2008 is pretty bad to be honest.

Well, that kind of is when the game started development. You cant very well code specifically for hardware and archetecture that doesnt exist passed hypothesis. I'd be willing to bet that most everythin that sees release wont really start to blow us away until a couple years from now--when studios actually start to finish developing games for the hardware that we got. Everything coming out now and for the next year or so, started life last gen.
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Um, wow! Is that really Bone screens?
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So it looks worse than GTA4, a previous gen game...

Wow, so glad I didnt buy into next-gen haha.
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SteelWingKnight posted...
So it looks worse than GTA4, a previous gen game...

Wow, so glad I didnt buy into next-gen haha.

You think it looks worse than gta 4? Next stop, lenscrafters....