Why did Microsoft decide to lower the price of the XBOX ONE to $399 US Dollars?

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GuiltySoul2005 posted...
Obviously the console was NOT selling just fine, no matter how bad you fanboys want to lie to yourselves or how deep the denial runs. xbone was not selling well, why else lower the price, you have to be pretty stupid to not understand this.

I'm sure some idiot xbot will come along and tell me how wrong I am and how xbone is a raging success, but the truth is right in front of your eyes, just open them and see it.

Better than 360's by far says something different and unless people like forking half a thousand it is a great move use your eyes and stop trying to make people see what you do we all got different opinions on the matter and don't have to be an Xbot to do that
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Solnot probably satisfied now lol.
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Because of this generation of gamers are spoiled whiney brats nuff said.