Do you consider Titanfall a masterpiece?

#21mistergrownmanPosted 5/20/2014 9:31:19 AM
No way in hell. Titanfall was a prime example that marketing and hype can sometimes be bigger than actual substance.

We got a game with bland visuals, and bad frame rate dips. Poorly optimized. A lower res would have been understandable if the game ran more smoothly, but it really didn't. Especially on maps like Corporate. On that map i have actually been killed due to it. Sometimes it felt like the engine stalled for a split second. Unacceptable for a game that is so mp focused.

Content is also lacking. The campaign was an absolute joke. Even COD's worst entry had a better campaign. Why did they even bother? At least meet the bare minimum. TF also lacks in weapons, modes, and customization. Half the weapons in the game are virtually useless.

God knows how this game got 9s and 10s when it's lacking in critical areas. In my opinion, it didn't deserve those scores. If this were any other title, they would be scoring 6s. Sorry for the rant, but it just feels insulting to even remotely consider this game a masterpiece.

Marketing and hype over substance. That was my Titanfall experience.
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#22TheGam3925Posted 5/20/2014 9:33:43 AM
Not even close lol.
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#23SparkItUpPosted 5/20/2014 9:35:23 AM(edited)
mistergrownman posted...
No way in hell. Titanfall was a prime example that marketing and hype can sometimes be bigger than actual substance.

Agreed and I think it's also a good example where marketing & hype can actually hurt a game for that exact reason.
#24popping4itPosted 5/20/2014 10:11:48 AM(edited)
the core multiplayer design is pretty close to perfect.

map design, verticality, in-match progression, titan/pilot balance, frequency of action, situational variety.

titanfall just didnt have lasting appeal because the progression was way too fast compared to other games, once that carrot is gone alot of people tend to lose interest. its sad because respawn was clearly the more benevolent developer making leveling/exp gain more friendly without the need for you to buy doritos or mountain dew for double exp ALA cod. battlefield is especially horrible when it comes to progression leveling goes up at a snails pace and with the frequent crashing and loss of all your exp just hampered leveling even further.
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#25MRL3G3NDPosted 5/20/2014 9:43:29 AM
maybe titanfall 2 will be a full fledged masterpiece

TF1 was a rushed half finished PR attempt to sell consoles

I don't blame respawn, it was an opportunity to get out there.

the game was a blast for 2.5 weeks haven't been back since
#26TBONE_OGPosted 5/20/2014 9:49:39 AM
It a masterpiece since it's the most fun I've ever had with an FPS.

I just wish I had more achievements to earn. :(
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#27mindoftwomoronsPosted 5/20/2014 10:37:41 AM
I really really REALLY love me some Titanfall, but masterpiece? nah, and that's not a bad thing.
#28GraviteerPosted 5/20/2014 11:17:15 AM
It's not a masterpiece. Maybe as of now, but we've barely seen what next generation gameplay will be like. Titanfall is merely enjoying a transition phase before the real next generation titles come. Think of it this way: as enjoyable as Perfect Dark Zero was at launch, were you expecting a game like Gears of War to easily surprise you sometime later? As beautiful and smooth the long overdue Sonic Adventure was at Dreamcast's launch, did you expect 3D platformers to follow through it? We know we got Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank didn't. Instead they redefined the genre.
#29SupaflyGibsonPosted 5/20/2014 11:19:10 AM
Nothing this gen is even close to a masterpiece.
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#30StrongBlackVinePosted 5/20/2014 12:38:26 PM
SupaflyGibson posted...
Nothing this gen is even close to a masterpiece.

This gen just got started. Destiny, Arkham Knight, Dragon Inquisition, The Witcher 3 all have chances of reaching that status in the next 12 months.

Titanfall isn't even close. Not enough content makes it a non-starter.