Do you consider Titanfall a masterpiece?

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2 years ago#31
No. Why would I?
2 years ago#32
No, I was bored after a couple weeks and I love FPS. Honestly, I got more enjoyment out of COD Ghosts and its below average at best.
2 years ago#33
The next installment I feel will be close. Much like the improvement from Halo----->Halo 2
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2 years ago#34
Robin_Mask posted...
I like the game a lot, but there needs to be more to it.

Besides, a masterpiece has a lot more going to it...

Knights of the Old Republic 1
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Are what I could call better examples of masterpieces.

Lost me at witcher but mgs 3 is a top3 game ever for me
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2 years ago#35
It is a piece, of sh..
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2 years ago#36
mindoftwomorons posted...
I really really REALLY love me some Titanfall, but masterpiece? nah, and that's not a bad thing.
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2 years ago#37
The reason Titanfall is boring cause most of the time you are playing with bots and that very low max players count.
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2 years ago#38
It looks like 36 people only bought Titanfall since they started to play games.
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2 years ago#39
Of course it isn't a masterpiece, not enough game modes for that, but the good thing about Titanfall is its FUN. So many people go on about the game like its the holy grail and screen tears and a load of nonsense that doesn't matter. Its a fast paced game, with jetpacks and wall running and big ass robots, its very fun to play
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2 years ago#40
Yeh, it's such a masterpiece that they are having to pull game modes from the pc version due to inactivity 2 months after release...
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