Somebody needs to make a Call of the Wildman video game

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2 years ago#1
You know, the show on Animal Planet? Turtle Man is the bomb.
2 years ago#2
It would have to be live action.
2 years ago#3
QueezZeenart posted...
It would have to be live action.

Beat me to it.

This would perfect for Kinect, no? Catching racoons and other wild animals while trying to not get bit or urinated on. Once you capture your target the Kinect listens for your best "Indian yell" and grades you on performance for bonus experience.
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2 years ago#4
Is that what the next COD us being called?
2 years ago#5
I was thinking more like a co-op game with Neal James.
2 years ago#6
So what do you guys think? :)
2 years ago#7
I don't know why nobody has ever made a survival game before. Think about a game with the map size of just cause, but dense and almost untraversable, with climbing/free running (to an extent) like AC. They could implement elements like mine craft where you can make things. Like a compass, or figuring out north/east/south/west, which could be figured out by looking at the stars at night time. The crafting alone could be sweet, making rafts, spears, bows, tents for shelter, fires, etc. they could even have you skin/gut the animals

If the right company made a game like that I'd buy. They would need no story, you crash land, and you survive til you find a way to get help. Random events like bears, lions/tigers attacking you/hunting you. Could work so well so effortlessly.
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2 years ago#8
Hasn't then been done with Tomb Raider? :)
2 years ago#9
U mirin brah?
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