E3 Rumors Microsoft Got Big Third Party Exclusive and at least two bombshells

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When will Microsoft learn, moneyhatting exclusives is a stupid long term strategy. If they had a chance of monopolizing the industry, then maybe. But they already lost this gen so moneyhatting will only help for small bursts but give no long term momentum. Clearly Sony's strategy of procuring elite studios is superior since they get lots more big exclusives and a cut of the profits with each one.

I wish Microsoft would buy and support studios. Moneyhatting clearly isn't working.
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Ellesarien posted...
dnmt posted...
Don't you think all this pre-E3 hype is just setting you guys up for disappointment? It's gonna be like Titanfall all over again.

Oh God no...not that. You mean a game that got good reviews, sold very well and you can find a game immediately due to the solid player base?

Jesus...that is the apocalypse of gaming!!!!

Holy crap it's almost been 3 months since that game came out, he's still ragging on it? sad man.
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Somebody is gonna buy that Mass Effect 4 reveal. It would make the most sense for it to be Microsoft.

EA is not revealing Mass Effect 4 until after Dragon Age Inquisition releases.