Halo 5's hype is a product of being exclusive and not about being a great game

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So pretty much what Sony fans act like with every Sony exclusive game. I remember a troll telling me how great The Last Rebellion was going to be and how it was better then Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Before release of course, he disappeared after.
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thats how it works for every xbox 1 exclusive i have noticed, they are all treated like instant killer apps and god's gift to gaming, used as ammo on the sony forum, nothing new, and easily seen through
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Halo 4 was a bad joke, but Destiny probably won't even have dedicated servers. So much for those 300,000 servers.
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Ha look at this clown, one of the best bozos I have ever seen.
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I agree exclusives get overhyped, but halo isn't. I doubt there would've been an Xbox 360 without halo, and it is a system seller for a hell of a lot of people (me included). I don't think any other exclusive franchise even comes close to the influence of halo.

I can't say I'm overly hopeful for the multiplayer given how awful halo 4s was, but the single player was solid, and I'll buy an Xbox one when it comes out. That isn't to say I'll only play halo on my Xbox, but that's the system seller
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BushidoEffect3 posted...
Gambitbuzzkill posted...
jairusmonillas posted...
If Destiny was exclusive to Xbox One it will be hailed as the Halo killer.

When you start making topics like this it's time for bed TC.

He's right though. Destiny is from BUNGIE. they made Halo possible.

But like Gears of war, the quality of halo went down after a new developer took the reigns. Seen many comments about being let down by Halo 4 and GoW Judgement.

It wouldn't of been possible without Microsoft's money AND Bungie. The Sony guys are all excited about Destiny because they finally get to play a Bungie game good for them.

You either purposely didn't mention that Halo 4 is the best selling Halo of all time or left it out to support your agenda? Halo isn't going anywhere any time soon let it flow through you. I do agree that the last Gears was an abortion and only because it wasn't the same devs behind it.
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No need to single out Halo when you could apply this to any Sony or Nintendo exclusive and it'll be the same
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Eh...I think there is some truth to this, because while Halo 4 was a decent game...hell I would go so far as to call it good...343 isn't nearly as good a developer as Bungie, and I really..really think they should let Halo die...
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ITT: Sony fanboys get incredibly salty.
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jairusmonillas posted...
If Destiny was exclusive to Xbox One it will be hailed as the Halo killer.

Just like Titanfall was hailed as the CoD killer and we all know how that turned out.