"The xbox one is just the ps4 now"

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the xbox one actually has games. (: lolololol *troll*
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Topic of the year.
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On a serious note, how do you people say this but not say that about every game system ever? like the snes is the sega genesis, the n64 is the psone, the ps2 is the gamecube, the ps3 is the xbox360.... doesn't make any sense. They have completely different controllers, intersurfaces, gams, etc. EXCLUSIVES
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Uh yes they do. They got indie games and poor ports from PC games that have been out for years. lmfao
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And superior multiplatform games, the real system sellers. And better hardware.. and ps now. Project beast... the last of us.

The Xbox one sadly is still just the Xbox one, it's nowhere near a ps4.
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Did OP need some reassurance?
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lol get your troll on